Relevant & Balanced Curriculum

The Tracy Learning Center design provides a student-centered curriculum guiding each student to personal best performance levels that meet or exceed state K-12 standards. All students are held accountable for high standards believing that every student is capable of meeting expectations.

Curriculum is focused on an established set of skills and content standards that reflect state requirements and university entrance requirements.

  • Web-based curriculum is created to allow for differentiated student learning styles and reflects current brain research.
  • Curriculum is continually reviewed and improved to meet the evolving needs of a changing world as well as the individual student.
  • Student curriculum is grounded in a core supporting learning, communicating, thinking and creating.
  • University partnerships allow for seamless entry into college courses from the high school program.

The curriculum is organized in integrated “curriculum maps” which support personalized learning through research and project based learning. The curriculum maps provide the structure to teach and learn without text books. In this environment teachers and students are not bound by the limits of textbooks. Each curriculum map and unit of instruction integrates science, math, communications and expression, systems thinking, global studies, responsibility and leadership, health and fitness, technology and information, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


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