Tracy Learning Center design provides unique opportunities for the communities to capitalize on the diversity of a community or region and beyond.

  • The creation of a culture that encourages divergent thinking promotes creative collaboration that generates innovative ideas and entrepreneurial products.
  • A community of learners is inclusive and representative of all members
  • An expansive joint-use information mall serves as a community public library and provides interactive, real-time networking for members of the learning community.
  • An outreach program supervises student mentors and provides technology training.
  • Governance of the school is provided by teacher leaders. The unique approach to school leadership shares the responsibility for the vision, direction and operation of the school with a teacher governance team. The governance team has both the authority to make decisions in the best interest of all stakeholders.
  • TLC is committed to the active involvement of parents/guardians in all aspects of the school program and are asked to commit time and energy to the school.

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