Responsibility & Stewardship

Tracy Learning Center design trains students to be the citizens of the twenty-first century, each responsible for their choices and learning. Students experience and practice skills that prepare them for citizenship.

  • Lifelong fitness and recreation facilities such as an affiliated health club are utilized by the learning community.
  • Students develop personal health and fitness plans and understand their connection to maintaining a healthy body and achieving quality of life.
  • Students pursue projects related to individual interests as well as demonstrate proficiency as part of a learning community.
  • Students analyze and synthesize information in order to create personal understanding.
  • Opportunities are provided to develop participation skills that lead to voice as a citizen. Students are involved in advisory groups, planning, and decisions regarding the design and content of the school program.

Social and emotional growth is as important as the development of academic skills. Tracy Learning Center design promotes the care of the environment and of the community-at-large.

  • A foundation provides assistance for disadvantaged students and scholarships for those seeking higher education.
  • Service learning projects focus on the ability of students to work for the betterment of the community.
  • Joint use of facilities maximizes resources.
  • Each student accepts responsibility for his role in the care of the Earth.
  • The culture reinforces the reality of interdependence and global citizenship.

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