Accountability & Assessment

Tracy Learning Center uses a variety of assessment tools to evaluate progress, monitor learning and adjust teaching strategies for students. Teachers use daily assessments and observations to evaluate progress of specific content skills in the curriculum core. Observation and assessment is a continuous process to provide feedback to student and teacher.

  • All standardized tests required by education code and federal programs.
  • Additional national norm-reference tests.
  • Advanced placement tests, college entrance tests and college exams for students with dual enrollment.
  • Teacher use of rubrics and standards set for research projects and presentation of findings.
  • Teacher developed assessments of progress.
  • Students are responsible for assessing their own learning and reporting to parents through the e-backpack on daily basis.
  • Students share the responsibility for the teacher, parent, student conference.

The Tracy Learning Center continues to evolve as more is learned about teaching and learning. It is not confined by past practices and quickly adapts and changes through research and collaboration of staff. TLC was developed and is sustained through conversation with the learning community that includes teachers, students, parents and experts in the field. This interaction of a community of learning has made TLC unique in the across-the-board redesign of learning where all elements of traditional public schools is examined and questioned.


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