THE DISCOVERY AND INNOVATION” Model of K-12, as practiced at The Tracy Learning Center, Tracy, California

Student Produced Video: Tracy Learning Center

Overview – Tracy Learning Center – L12 Learning

The Tracy Learning Center © is comprised of three schools, Primary (K-3), Discovery (4-8) and Millennium (9-12) serving 1,200 students in kindergarten through 12th grade. The three schools provide an articulated learning environment where students are not confined by assignment to a grade level but progress based on individual needs. Students receive learning support as needed and can accelerate learning for early completion of high school and enrollment in college.

The Tracy Learning Center has been in operation for ten years utilizing the building blocks of the L12 © model and developing a prototype that provides personalized learning.

More than 40 years of research and practice have contributed to a model that can be customized for any community and school. This approach to transformation ensures that each school reflects local values, resources, needs and vision for their young people. Based on the California State assessment program TLC has been identified as California “high performing schools.”

The Tracy Learning Center provides an incubator for the development of school designs, curriculum materials, professional development programs and planning processes that can be used by school districts in any part of the country. The TLC-L12 design is unique in the interaction of the eight pillars that guide the teaching and learning.


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